About us

Lynx2Market is a privately-owned life-sciences events and conferences organiser committed to helping executives that are working in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, and who are looking to grow their businesses in emerging and fast-changing markets. We bring together like- minded people who create a supporting network of market knowledge and quality connections that allow companies to achieve their commercial ambitions.

Our 30+ years of combined experience in producing and organising events brought us to formulating a different business approach: we co-create a product with our customers by involving them in every stage - from research and development to innovative content creation, to speaker selection and the delivery of the event on the day. We focus on building active and long-lasting relationships with our delegates, sponsors, and partners. Proof of our success lies in the passionate recommendations from our loyal clients who attend our clinical and commercial conferences globally.


We co-create unique products

We invest in the ideas for the product that the clients believe would help to solve their business issues, and we work alongside the clients throughout the event cycle to produce a unique product – one that is created and fine-tuned to the highest quality possible, with the help of our customers.

We transfer market insights into knowledge and connections

We are working with our clients on transferring market insights into knowledge and linking together the tight market connections to build a supporting business network.

We are putting live events on the stakeholder map

We believe that intelligent conferences generate impact across all stakeholder groups that are linked to a wider business.


By working with each of the groups the company gets an opportunity to both work closely with the customers and to help pharmaceutical companies to deliver their objectives in regards to stakeholder engagment.